Thursday, January 31, 2008

Got Books!

I was feeling cranky today - well, crankier than usual. Then I realized I had not been to Barnes & Noble since last week! That is a long time for me. So I zoomed over there today the minute I got off of work. The B & N I go to is right next to the library that I work at. So it is very convenient and very dangerous! I found a few books I wanted, but since I have them on hold at the library, I decided to save my cash (for cross-stitch charts and fabric) and just wait until my holds come in. I did get one book for me called "Crybaby Ranch". I've never heard of it before - just bought it on a whim. And then I bought the new John Grisham for my husband as a birthday gift - shhh - don't tell! I also picked up a couple of magazines - grabbed a hot chocolate at Starbucks and zoomed home to clean bathrooms. Pop - my bubble of fun was over for today!!

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Peaceful Valley said...

Glad you didn't spill your hot chocolate this time! I love Barnes & Noble but the nearest one is over an hour away from here. Enjoy it for me too! Susan in SC