Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tweet Tweet....

I love stitching "bird" themed designs. And who could feel anything but
"J O Y" while stitching this sweetie tweetie by Country Cottage Needleworks. I was thinking a cute companion piece to this would be La Di Da's "Zippity Do Da"...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Things....

Yummy homegrown tomatoes from our garden

Getting a visit from my parents last week

Knowing I will soon see my my niece and her Mom

The sound of rain, after not hearing it for several weeks

Getting to watch the antics of a baby Lemur

Blasting the air conditioning in my car after a hot day at work with no a/c!

Sitting in Starbucks last week enjoying a cold vanilla bean frapp - along with my parents who were sipping on their hot coffee

Looking out the window at just the right moment to see a humingbird stopping for a second before zipping on its way....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Do Not Like Change....

I'm a person who does not like changes - not in any way. It gets me all on edge and feeling frazzled. Especially when a change is just made for the sake of change. My grocery store is being remodeled - that in itself is a good change. The store has been there for a very very long time and was really looking run down and a bit pathetic. Now it is a brighter, fresher place to go to. Not sure whose idea it was to put down white floors..... They already look constantly dirty. A nice light grey would have been prettier and more practical. New shelving is being put in - that is good. New refrigeration cases are now in place for all the frozen foods - rather than having them out in open bins. That is good. The thing that is NOT GOOD - the thing that is driving me out of my freakin mind!!! The thing that has almost brought me to tears the past few times I've gone into shop - the thing that just boils my butt - THEY ARE MOVING EVERYTHING AND PUTTING THEM IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS!! ARGHHHHH!!!!
I do my grocery list by the order of where things are in the store. I've had to rearrange my mind many times in the years and years I've shopped at this store when they do mini rearrangements. But this time, it is all catty whompus and makes absolutely no sense at all! Before, for instance, you came to an aisle and there were cookies on one side and crackers and so on on the other side. In the next aisle was the breads and rolls and donuts and coffee and so on. Well, NOT NOW! Because some genius thought it would be a good idea to separate them and put them in different aisles, several rows away from each other. I've seen other people going around looking lost.... I try to avert my eyes in case we both should look at each other and run screaming up and down the store! Oh, also, while they are putting down the new flooring and the new shelving, they have to put things in odd places, until they can get it into the permanent odd place it will now go. So one day the bread was down in front of the meat counter - the other day it was down by the dog food. See why I'm losin it! I think until they get this all settled down and I can venture in there without wanting to stick someone in a not so nice place, I will go to another store.... or stop eating.... Oh, and then I went to B & N today - the one I go to all the time - and guess what... Yep, they moved things all around too. I think I might just go to bed and stay there.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've been trying to make a ball-band pattern felted bag for my sister for over a week. Even though I've done this process many times (albeit years ago), I could not get it to come out this time around. I started it over four times - yes, count them - four freakin times!!! This involved, casting on 39 stitches, knitting 13 rows, and then picking up stitches, and then starting to knit in the round, slipping in the accent color, to give it the slip-stitched appearance. This is how it looked after I ripped it (and I mean ripped it) off the needles! Luckily I didn't rip the needles apart also in my frustration. I've totally given up on this for good now! No more - I'm done - it is in the trash. I even got rid of the yarn I was using because I didn't want to look at it anymore - tee hee!!

Needles on the floor after I threw them in total disgust and fed-uppedness (I've declared that a word - LOL!)

I instilled peace to my evening by starting my two-color slip-stitch scarf!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thanks Mom!

I love my new toy Mom! It is almost as big as me! If you go away and take that camera out of my face, I'll go back taking care of business! My eyes are a pretty green color, but I figure my golden glowing death rays will scare my prey into submission!