Friday, July 18, 2014

Walking Around My Block...

I've taken a walk around this same block between 4 and 7 times a week - for as long as we've lived here. Which is 1978....  One time I will turn right when I leave my house - and the next time, I will turn left.  Our street is a loop with two entrances - and is a mile long. It is a nice mix of flat and hilly...  You would think I would get bored walking this same walk every time - but for some reason, I never have.... come along with me for a bit...

I'm going to go right today..... are you with me?

Now we are starting up a gentle slope. Okay, it is getting a bit steeper as we go along - stay with me!

 Ahhh a bit of shade - can you feel the coolness?


I'm not sure what this bush is called, but I love looking at it each time I go by. Watch out - the big bees like it too!

This used to be the biggest old beautiful tree. But sadly, for some reason, this year, it died... I was so sad when I saw them cutting it down. I actually wanted to go over and hit the people doing it!  But I restrained myself! I know you would have helped me do it tho! LOL!

Ahhh, we are back home... Now for a big glass of water!  And join me again the next time!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Balancing Act...

It always seems to be a "balancing act" between reading and my other crafting (knitting and cross-stitch)... Sometimes I want to knit more and read less.... or read more and knit less...  Right now I'm craving reading!  I always read a bit every day - but with these long hot days, I'm feeling that rush I got growing up when I would sit under the tree in my front yard - or inside in front of a fan - and read and read and read!  And since I never travel... I do it via my books. Thought the one above would be a good pick to "take me away somewhere" so to speak!  They don't go to Paris in the book - but I just had to use my Paris postcard as my bookmark!  I like to try and match my bookmark to the book I'm reading - yes, I'm odd!

What about you? What are you reading on these hot summer days?!