Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Is Almost Here.....

It seems to come faster and faster each year. And each year, I get more and more homesick for Ohio and my family. I keep saying I'm going to go back and spend Christmas with them "this year"... and then "this year" passes, and I don't go home. So I say - well "next year"... and then that year passes and... well, let's just say, I haven't spent a Christmas back in Ohio in over 25 years - possibly more. My parents have spent some here with me during that time - and some Thanksgivings - but that hasn't happened either in about 10 years or more.... I was running around today - going to the grocery store, stopping at Starbucks and hitting up Barnes and Noble. Not because I needed to go to B & N, but I just wanted to be around some holiday music and chatter and the bustle of people running around shopping. Did I buy some books - well, of course I did! I can't seem to go into B & N without coming out with at least one. All that time I was out, I kept wishing my parents and my sister were along for the ride... Especially at Starbucks - my Dad likes to go there as much as I do! I went twice - just for good measure.

We will be spending Christmas Eve with my husband's family. Not half as good as spending it with mine, but.... it will still be nice. And Christmas Day will be spent here - just the two of us and our kitty kat....

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday time with your loved ones... and I hope Santa brings you just exactly what you've always wanted!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Knit and Drop... Knit and Drop....

Sort of.... I'm knitting a scarf where you do the "drop stitch" a bit differently than normal. Here is how you do it.... cast on as many stitches as you want - use whatever size needle you want - whatever type of yarn you want... I cast on with a Manos yarn (can't remember name) and cast on 18 stitches. First you knit as many rows as you choose (to go between your "drop" stitches. This can be two rows, three rows, four rows... well, you get the picture. I'm using two rows - sort of wish I had done more. Anyway, when you get ready to do the "drop" row, you put your needle in as if to knit, then you bring the yarn around the back of the right needle and "over the top" of the left needle and then around the back of the right needle, over it and then finish your knit stitch as normal... Hope I explained this well enough for you to try it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

To Tea or Not to Tea....

I was just reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today. She was talking about having tea time in the afternoons - about how many people she knows couldn't imagine NOT having tea time in the afternoon. I am one of the people that can imagine not having it! I'm not a tea drinker - it just isn't my - well, my "cup of tea"... I do, however, have my version of an afternoon "after school" snack - but mine is "after work", being as how I'm a grown up now after all (well, that is what people tell me I'm supposed to be now)! LOL! I either do cookies and milk - or coffee and a cookie - or today, I'm having chocolate covered pretzels and milk - and later will get a cup of coffee... Sometimes I will grab a few miniature candy bars with some milk. My afternoon snack always seems to involve milk. I love milk! Even when it is cold out, my first thought turns to a big glass of milk and a sugary snack....

So, do you do tea - or not....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some memories of my childhood....

Long summer days

Riding bikes

Playing Nancy Drew

Hula hoops

Jumping rope

Playing hopscotch

Walking to school

Scavenger hunts

Going to the library

Sitting in the front yard and reading

Playing spin the bottle

Hide and seek

Just being a kid - being able to go out and about without worry .....

the sound of the mothers on my street - calling their kids to come home - it was time for - Dinnnneerrrr.....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My source for knitted pumpkins

Someone emailed me and asked me where I got the pattern for my knitted pumpkins. In case anyone else is interested, I got it off of Go to the directory and click on Food and then the pattern is called "Charming Pumpkins".


Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Changes.....

I was cleaning my powder room last night and trying to decide what to do with all my Santas and Snowmen on the little display shelf in there. I was a bit weary of them - they've been there for a long long time. Then I got the brilliant idea (this was around 1 in the morning) to rearrange them! Such a simple idea - so simple I couldn't figure out why I couldn't have thought of it a long time ago - duh! So I did just that and it made me feel much better about them. I almost think of my collections as being "real" having feelings. To prove this, I was going to put the biggest snowman away in a drawer for awhile, but didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I put him upstairs in my other bathroom - LOL!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

P is for Pumpkin....

A knitted one that is! I found a pattern online and have already made this one here - and am in the process of doing an off-white one! These are quite simple to make - cute as a button - and so much fun! But I don't think they would make very good pumpkin pies - LOL!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orange You Glad It's The Weekend!

I know I'm happy about it! And for me, it will be a four day one! I'm looking forward to being off and going out and about to get yarn, get some Christmas gifts, and get some new stash at the LNS! Here is a scarf I've been working on... and yes, you guessed it, it is orange!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Good News!

My friend Joanne, who designed the chart for the poem that I just told you about - sent a picture of the finished piece to Hoffman distributors - and they ordered 48 copies of it. Hopefully they will all sell! All of them - and many more! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the pictures of this design, and the other designs of hers will be coming out on this Friday's newsletter from Hoffman! It will be beyond fun to see them!

Other good news - my car passed the yearly inspection that Virginia requires! Yeahhhh!

I've been doing more knitting than stitching the past couple of weeks. As soon as I get more done on each item, I will share them with you....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Reveal!

A little while ago I told you that I had written a Halloween poem a long time ago, and my friend (who is now in the cross-stitch designing business) charted it up. I just finished stitching it last week! I sent it back to her - she framed it and photographed it and now it is for up for viewing and for sale! I hope you enjoy it. You can see it by clicking on this link!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kids Say Some Cute Things....

As some of you know, I work at the library (reshelving the books). Wednesday, a school group came in with their teacher. She told them which sections they were allowed in on that visit. Non-fiction was not allowed... Well, two cute little boys were looking for "riddle books". They asked me where they were. I said, well, the only ones I know of are in the non-fiction section. They asked if I could get them for them. I said, um, no... I think I heard your teacher say you couldn't have books from that section today. So then they walked away. A few minutes later, they were back. They asked, well, do you have any "real" books that have riddles that aren't in the non-fiction section - LOL! I got the librarian... she found them some... and they were thrilled.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Where were you when the world stopped turning...

I remember where I was. I was sitting on the couch, watching Regis... and then the words... we interrupt your normally scheduled programming. I saw the planes and the towers with my eyes, but my mind could not compute it. And still can't...even after all of these years have gone by.
I remember watching tv for days and weeks afterwards. I remember crying and crying, until I could cry no more. And then crying some more. I remember how quiet it was everywhere you went, out and about... like the world had pushed the "mute" button.

I want to always remember each and every one of those people who lost their lives that terrible day - and I want to remember and keep in my heart - all of the people who lost them....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visits, Excitement, Lovely Weather....

My parents just left yesterday morning after a visit here at my home. They arrived on the 3rd around 2:30. Over the days they were here, we shopped, walked alot (while shopping), ate tons of food. Good thing we walked alot....

The weather while they were here was great! Not too hot.... a nice cooling breeze blowing each day. On Sunday, we went to my favorite town of Occoquan and walked along the dock looking over the water. It was just a really pretty day to be there - many other people agreed with us. That place was hoppin by the time we got in our car! Good thing we had arrived early and found a good parking place and beat the crowds for lunch! We were just finishing up our sandwiches and soup and the line was almost out the door....

My Mom suffers from dementia, so has problems with her memory and with repeating herself over and over. My Dad has problems hearing. So at times, it was a real laugh riot! I mean that in a good way!! It got so crazy at times, I was just laughing out loud.

I'm always a bit sad when they leave. It is a bit overwhelming to have extra people in the house when you are used to it just being you and your husband - but it always seems so much emptier - and lonelier - when they are gone.... And with my parents getting older - it gets harder and harder each year to watch them drive away down the street.

The excitement!! In 1994, I wrote a Halloween poem for fun. Now my friend, who I've been helping with her cross-stitch business by stitching some of the models - has charted it up for me! I'm in the process of stitching it. When it is done, she will put it up for sale on her website! I can't wait to show it to you in a couple of weeks or so!! Be on the look-out!
Until next time I yak at you all - take care....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Can Now Show You....

what I've been helping my friend with for her cross-stitch designing business! Check out her webpage -
I stitched the first two designs on the page!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Knitting and Stitching.....

I just finished stitching two new "models" for my friend Joanne's cross-stitch business. As soon as she has them available for sale, I will show you pictures!! I'm also knitting quite a bit - I'm making some dishcloths for my sister as Christmas gifts. She really likes using them to wash dishes. Since I don't care to use them for dishes, but like to use them in the shower, I'm also knitting some for me too! I'm still working on my shawl that I recently showed you a photo of. And...I'm making a cabled scarf for me in a lovely shade of orange. I never cared for the color orange before until I started knitting years ago. Now, I find myself drawn to it when I'm out and about shopping - especially for yarn!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Re-reading Old Favorites...

I'm a big fan of re-reading old favorites of mine. I have them sitting on my "keeper" shelves - and from time to time will pull one out and read it again - for the third time, or the fourth time, or..... Some of them I re-read every year. Yes, every year. One of them is "Be Buried in the Rain" by Barbara Michaels. This copy was given to me by a friend and is a mass-market sized hardback. I love it... It fits so sweetly into my hands. The story takes place in Virginia (my state), over a hot, humid summer.... Hmmm, sounds like real life for me.. Oh, that's right! It is real life - LOL!
There is a big old house, a ghost, some old bones, and a dog named Elvis. What more could you want!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Do You Do When It Is Beyond Hot Outside!!

Why.... you knit a shawl! I'm doing this in a design called "palm fronds", but in many ways, it is closer to what I call "feather and fan". The pattern is simple - only a repeat of four rows - over and over and OVER.... until you get it to the length you desire it to be. I'm knitting it on either 10 and half or eleven needles and using Noro Silk Garden in Shade No. 84....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Now THAT'S A Cucumber!

My husband is growing lots of vegetables this year - tomatoes (which the deer are slowly demolishing) which is upsetting us! We've gotten to eat two red ones so far. The others are being eaten by the deer while they are green. So we've been picking them off and trying to ripen them in the windows.. And he is growing broccoli, and green peppers and these huge cucumbers! He picked off a couple of them and they were big, but this is a monster - LOL!

Monday, July 5, 2010


This sampler comes from a book I own called "Historic Samplers". This one is by a young girl called Mary Hill. Quoted from the book... "Mary chose fairly bright colors, especially the reds in the top alphabet. There seems to be neither rhyme, nor reason to most of the second and third lines except for the date at the end of the third. It appears almost as if she practiced only the letters she liked. Some of the words run together almost like one unbroken word - so carefully did she employ her allotted space. The spelling of "needle" as nedle may have been an accepted variant in the 18th century, but the letters in the entire line had to be stitched so closely together to get all the words in, one is tempted to imagine that she dropped the second "e" to save space. It is possible too that she may have stitched some sort of code into her sampler. This notion is derived from the three sets of numbers stitched upside down and the three letters executed in unbelievably meticulous eyelet stitches, two of which are upside down as well. It is also possible that a sibling turned it upside down to work on the same piece."

I'm having such a good time stitching this sampler!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cooler Weather and New Stash!

What could be better! After two weeks of extreme heat and humidity, it finally cooled down yesterday - over 20 degrees cooler! So my walk last night and tonight was quite pleasant. I also received some new stash in the mail today. With the designer CHS closing down, I thought I'd better nab some of the charts I wanted quickly before they were gone forever! So I ordered 3 charts from my online shop, including one I've never seen before. It is called Visiting Bird. You can see it above, along with the linen I will be stitching it on - Lakeside's "Meadow Rue". In all the years I've been looking at CHS designs and I've never, somehow seen this one.... But I'm so happy I did and I cannot wait to start stitching on it later tonight!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seeing Blue....

Carriage House Samplings "Matter's Choice".... Lakeside Linens in "Autumn Gold".... DMC thread in 3750..... equals happiness. I've had this chart for a long long time. Finally decided to pull it out a month or so ago and start stitching on it. What a delight!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snippets About "Me"....

When I was growing up, there was quite awhile where all I wanted to wear was brown clothing... When I got older, there was quite awhile when all I wanted to wear was purple clothing....

When I was in grade school, I walked to school each day. In the winter time, my Mom made me wear this really ugly (truly) hat! I would wear it until I was around the corner and she could no longer see me and then that sucker came off my head! It didn't get put back on until I got to the top of my street. Then when I got home, she saw it was on me. I'm not sure she ever figured out that I didn't wear it the whole time. But Moms are smart, so she probably did....

I hated peas... I used to try to hide them in my mashed potatoes. But my Mom (see above) figured it out and made me eat the pea-laden potatoes. I still to this day hate peas. I also hated beets... She would make us eat one big one whenever she had them. I would put the whole thing in my mouth, take a big gulp of milk, and swallow the whole thing. It is a wonder I made it through my childhood without choking on a beet. I still, to this day, hate beets...

I didn't like to mix my food. So I ate each thing separately until it was gone - first the potatoes, then the vegetable, then the meat. I cried every time my Mom said - you know, they get mixed up in your stomach.... I do mix my food now....

We used to ride bikes all over the place - things were safer back then - we could go into the woods and wander around - leaving our bikes while we walked along the creek. And then finding them there when we came back. I once was riding down a hill and hit a hole and went flying over the handle bars and landed on my chin....

I used to play Nancy Drew with my girlhood friend. We took turns playing Nancy. Her sister wanted to play with us, but we didn't want her to (we were mean). So we told her she could be the monster that would knock at the window while we were in the garage plotting out our next mystery....

This same girlhood friend and I would go to the library every week all through the summer and get stacks of books. And then come back and sit out in the yard and read them.... I miss those days....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Helping My Friend.....

My friend in Texas has a website where she is starting to sell her own cross-stitch designs. For the past month, I've been helping her stitch up some of the models... As soon as the site is updated, which should be in about two weeks, I will give you the link! The models that I've been helping her stitch will go into a booklet of cute sea/beach related designs. She will be donating a portion of each booklet sold to the Audubon Society....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This and That....

This is Carriage House Samplings "Helen Bell" multiplication chart... I'm doing it on Picture This Plus linen in a shade called "Relic"... not quite sure I like it, but I think the more I stitch, the better it will look. I didn't know that the "lines" around the numbers were not cross-stitched in. They are backstitched in! I don't do too well at backstitching, but I figure it will give it even more of a primitive look!

Pray that my deposit that I made at the bank today gets put in there tonight. No reason it shouldn't, but pray anyway! I went to Target after work for a "few things"... Ended up spending $60.00 which I paid for with my debit card - not even checking first to see how much money I had in my account at present time. Well, I now have $7.37.....

I went to Starbucks for a vanilla bean frapp after my trip to Target and a trip to the grocery store to look for a specific item that they didn't have at Target. Well, the grocery store didn't have it either! To fortify myself for the drive to the drug store, I needed a "drink"!

I cleaned the bathroom when I got home and got out for my walk. I haven't been walking the past few days due to the rain we've been getting. But a look in a three-way mirror in the dressing room at Target will get you out for a walk faster than you can say - Oh Lordy, please tell me I don't really look like that - LOL!

My husband is fixing dinner tonight - that is a nice treat. Grilled cheese and tomato soup - perfect for a " slightly chilly, getting ready to rain again" Wednesday night dinner....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Summertime and the flowers are blooooming....

The monster plant is our hosta. At least I think that is what it is. It is the biggest this year that it has ever been! Soon, the leaves will fold down and big stalks will come out of it with little bell shaped white flowers.... The pink daisy - love it! Also, for every one sold at Lowes, they made a donation to the fight for breast cancer. The other daisy has very pale lilac petals, with darker purple centers. Since purple is one of my favorite colors, I just HAD to have it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

National Poetry Month....

April is national poetry month. I thought I'd share with you a poem that always touches my heart every time I read it:

The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unwinds a thread of his devising
A thin, premeditated rig
To use in rising.

And all the journey down through space,
In cool descent, and loyal-hearted,
He builds a ladder to the place
From which he started.

Thus, I, gone forth, as spiders do,
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning...

By E.B. White

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten Interesting Things About Me....

I saw this challenge on another blog, and decided to try it. If you decide to accept the challenge on your blog, please let me know! I would love to read your top ten! OK, here are mine:

1. My husband and I lived around the corner from each other when I was five and he was twelve. We played with some of the same kids (we found this out after meeting when I was 22 and he was 27! When we met all those years later where we both worked at General Electric, I was dating his best friend - LOL!

2. I rarely get bored...

3. I have one older sister and two younger brothers. The youngest of those brothers is eleven years younger than me. He was a "surprise" - tee hee! When he was little, he couldn't pronounce my name. So he called me La La. I hated it when he finally learned how to say Linda... I missed that little voice going around the house calling out La La - La La....

4. I'm actually shy. People who know me laugh hysterically when I say this....

5. I love to look through dictionaries and books on grammar....

6. I walk around the same one mile block 4 to 5 times a week - and it never bothers me to do the same walk...

7. As a child, I hated it when my family would sing happy birthday to me. I would crawl under the table and cry. As an adult, I still dislike it and threaten death to anyone who tries - ha!

8. My best friend is my former sister-in-law. She was married to my "older" "younger" brother....

9. I leave a strand of christmas lights up every year - until about March or April.

10. When I was younger, probably up until I was in the sixth grade, the only color my Mom said I wanted to wear clothes-wise was brown....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now THIS Is A Happy Meal!

My husband got a bit creative today....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is It Time For Bed Yet?

Went to work....
Went to the grocery store
Put groceries away
Went back to grocery store
Fed the cat
Fed the birds - again
Watered the plant
Emptied all the trashcans in house
Went for a walk
Ran the vacuum
Fixed dinner
Washed dishes

it is only 6:40.... but I'm ready to hit the sack! But I will force myself not to - I need to stitch a bit and watch some tv and try not to eat any more junk food! Sooo glad tomorrow is Friday! Now if it was a payday Friday, that would be the icing on the cake... but it isn't....arghhh!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Talkin Talkin Happy Talk....

Happy Talk - Keep Talkin Happy Talk... Talk about things you like to do.... those lyrics are from a song in "South Pacific" (one of my favorite movies by the way). They fit so aptly to this sampler. It is called a Quaker Sampler. However, I call it the "happy sampler". It always makes me happy when I stitch on it. Hmm, I really really should stitch on it more often - LOL!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mental Health Day....

I woke up to a cold, windy, rainy day.... My foot was hurting, my legs were hurting, my two fingers that I cut were hurtin.... and I just plumb didn't feel like going in and shelving library books today. So I went shopping instead in my favorite little town of Occoquan! Here are some of the treasures I brought home - the "sister" framed needlework will be a gift for my sister; the picture of the little boy pulling the sled with the cat on it went over my bed. I've wanted this picture for the longest time. Today it was on sale (a little bit anyway), so I splurged! The alphabet placque went in my downtairs powder room. I adore samplers with alphabets on them, so this placque was right up my alley! After leaving the little town of shops, I ran over to the needlework shop and was very very bad.... or very very good - depends on how you want to look at it - LOL!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Monday Smiles...

Driving into work this morning, I saw two geese on the strip of grass on the side of the road.... one was sitting, one was laying down.... they were smack dab in front of the bus stop! Cracked me up!

A little girl today at the library (where I work) running into the children's section - yelling back at her Dad - come on come on COME ON - books books BOOKS!!! Too cute....

What made you smile today?

Monday, March 15, 2010

And I Love....

N - a new stack of magazines on Friday nights

O - warm cookies fresh out of the oven

P - fresh pears and pineapples

Q - quilts - especially the one that was passed down to me

R - the sound of rain - especially when I'm snug in bed

S - reading in the mornings on Sundays

T - a little time alone in the house each day

U - umbrellas - I'm addicted to them!

V - old fashioned valentine cards

W - my walks in the evenings

X - xylophones

Y - yellow roses

Z - zinnias - I've loved them since I was a child

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love....

A - Crispy Crunchy MacIntosh Apples

B - Watching the big black crows dip their Ritz crackers in the water dish

C - Cross-stitching each evening

D - Driving to Ohio to visit my family - wish it were more often

E - Earrings - especially antique and unique ones

F - French Fries

H - Holding Babies

I - Chocolate Ice Cream

J - My sister Julia

K - Knitting gifts for friends and family

L - My Mom Lois

M - A cold glass of milk

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the Beginning....

I told you all that my husband and I just celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary on February 19th. Well, this is us back in 1972 (or thereabouts), going on one of our dates. I don't think we had been dating long when this was taken. We were going boating, and before we had even gotten very far down the road, we had a flat on the boat trailer. It was fixed, we went on our way and had a good time. Those pants he had on - now that is a whole 'nother conversation - LOL!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Collections Close to My Heart....

I've always loved needlework. As the years have gone by, and I've been slowly putting together a collection made from my own hands, I've also been building a collection of pieces made by others. I would like to share some of them with you today.... I had more pictures taken, but they came out badly. One day I'll get a better camera! All of these items were purchased in shops over the years....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sun is shining....and no snow is falling....

It is still on the ground though - and piled on the curbs. Me thinks it will be awhile before we see green grass.... But the sun is shining, it is almost forty... it feels good to get out and about again - even if most of the getting out is going to work!

Celebrating my 36th wedding anniversary today.... I'm doing laundry - what does that say about the state of things - tee hee! In all fairness, he did say we could go out for dinner tonight - but I said tomorrow night would do just fine.... I'm too pooped to even move tonight!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cross A Stitch - Knit & Purl

In order to avoid cabin fever, I've been keeping busy knitting and stitching. Both of the scarves are in the same pattern, with a cable going down one side. The purple one (which will be a gift) is done in an alpaca/silk blend yarn. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you might be able to see the little sparkles in the yarn. The cream colored one is done in a cotton yarn by Blue Sky. It is for me and is sooo soft... The sampler is a design by Plum Street (one of my favorite designers)!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And Mother Nature Said - Ha Ha Take That Miss Linda!

Blizzard conditions - 12 to 15 more inches expected - on top of the 30 we already have.... If you click on the picture, you might be able to see the snow blowing and feel the wind blowing it back in your face as you try to shovel....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

OK - You Can Stop Now! I Mean It!!

Snow started falling at 9:30 yesterday morning, and it just stopped now at 5:00 today (Saturday). I think we have around 29 inches out there - could be more.... The snow on the deck is after we cleaned it 4 times. I should have taken a picture last night before shoveling it off! We lost electric for thirteen hours. It got really cold in the house! How cold you ask? 55 degrees! Even I was cold - LOL! and I'm rarely cold.... We are lucky tho. I know many other people will be without power for a lot longer than us! I just hope ours stays on! The NASCAR race is tonight! Oh, the last picture - title it - hot water maker - ha! It only took 40 minutes, but it finally got fairly warm - tee hee!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes Virginia....

it IS January! After having 65 degree temperatures here in Northern Virginia on Tuesday, to wake up to this today was a bit of a shocker - LOL! It had been extremely cold out - around 20. And they said we would get a "little" snow in our area. Well, it was snowing when I got up this morning, and it is still coming down. We've shoveled the driveway twice - and cleaned off the deck three times, and they are just about covered again! We forged out, however, and ran some errands - got gas, went to Wal Mart - went bulk grocery shopping. And then stopped for a late lunch at Olive Garden - which was quite empty - ha! Our meal was warm and yummy - and then we started the long slow trudge home on the snow covered slippery highways.... It felt soooo good to be back in the house - comfy and warm!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Almost Here!

Just a month away from three February events - Valentine's Day (I adore heart shaped items), my 36th wedding anniversary (February 19th).... and my big love - vroom vroom vroom - the Daytona 500!! I'm not sure how many of you know (well my niece knows) that I'm a big NASCAR fan! It doesn't thrill me as much since Dale Earnhardt Senior died many years ago, but I still enjoy it! I should get lots of stitching and knitting done while I watch those little cars go round and round and round and....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hearts & Flowers....

Cold day yesterday - a chilly hour and a half wait for the coolant in my car to be changed - made better by a hot chocolate at Starbucks and this cute little Valentine mug I bought there. The hearts are on stems making them look like flowers....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chilly Evenings and Sparkly Lights....

Every year when I take down the tree, the corner where it stood always looks so bereft. I miss seeing the colored lights beaming out at me on these cold dark evenings - where it is dark by 5:00.... So, years ago, when I took down the tree, I put up a strand of lights around my table on the hearth. And I've kept doing it each year. It makes me feel happy to see them glowing. And then the other day when I was taking down the tree, I got this idea to try some white lights in the fireplace! Doesn't put out any heat, but it sure looks cheerful! I haven't had a fire in there for a couple of years - the flu needs cleaning, the chimney is clogged with stuff - who knows what - and I just get real nervous about having a fire anymore.... Plus our flu seems to be having some issues coming down and going back up - the last time I opened it, I thought the whole thing would crash down. So hence, the white lights! My husband has gotten used to my goofy ideas - but he thought it was cozy looking.... I think he may have just been trying to be nice - LOL! Many many years ago, he came home one winter night, and I had a "picnic" spread out on the floor for us - a big tablecloth for us to sit on - a bucket of chicken and some sides - even some wine. Hmmm, maybe it is time to do that again!

Friday, January 1, 2010


On December 30th, I celebrated a milestone birthday - who is sixty - oh, it tis me! I spent it shopping in my favorite town of Occoquan - buying birthday gifties for me me meeee!!
Spent New Year's Eve playing a couple games of backgammon with my husband, watching a movie, eating pizza - and then watching the ball come down in New York City - ringing in 2010! I communed a bit with my Christmas tree, as I do every New Year's Eve - and then said good-bye to it until next year - and turned off the pretty lights....
Today - January 1, 2010 - the tree is down.... I've strung up a strand of Christmas lights - as I do every January 1st - wrapping them around a little table I have on my hearth. That way, I still have a bit of Christmas with me for a few more months....
I wish you all good things for this coming year!