Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Hot Day!!

And it will be hotter tomorrow!  I'm not a hot-weather fan - so I'm basically staying inside. I did venture out to the Post Office to mail a package. And then made a quick trip to the mall for a few things. It was even warm in there!

This afternoon will find me curled up with a book and some cross-stitching (not at the same time of course)!  What are you up to? Whatever it is - stay cool!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tweet Tweet!

I love bird themed items - especially cross-stitch designs!  So when I saw "One Zany Bird" by Elizabeth's Designs, I knew I had to stitch her, or maybe him... I'm close to being finished! Can't wait to have this framed and hanging on my wall!

It Is Not My Fault!

It is Mary Kathryn's!  I read her blog... and the other day, she had a picture of a candle, in the sweetest jar... that she had bought at Target. So of course, yesterday, I had to run and get one too!  She bought "Pink Magnolia".  I wanted the "Lemon Verbena"... but the slot where it was supposed to be was empty!  Well, after looking and looking and moving many jars of various candles around, I found one!  And of course, while I was at it, I had to get this Red Velvet Cake one. It smells sooo yummy!  And then (and I'll blame my husband for this)... because when I went to find him, he was standing right next to a counter that had cocktail glasses of various types. I came home with these! He says... what are you going to do with them? I said, uh, drink out of them... ha!
They are normally for cordials or liquers... but I'm using them for juice and coke!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Should Read This Book....

you may end up enjoying it as much as I did!  When I first tried "The Weird Sisters" by  Eleanor Brown awhile back, I couldn't get into it. It was my mood, I'm sure.  I decided to return it to the library, with a mental note to give it another chance one day.   About a week ago, I was wondering around B & N and I saw a hardbacked copy on the bargain table. Just one... and I knew it had been waiting for me. So I decided to give this book another chance - and I'm oh so happy I did!  It is a story about three sisters - Rosalind, who goes by Rose, Bianca (who goes by Bean) and Cordelia (who goes by Cordy).... Unlucky in work, love, and life, the Andreas sisters return to their childhood home. Each has a secret she is unwilling to share - each has come home to lick her wounds.  Oh, and their father, a renowned Professor of Shakespeare communicates almost exclusively in verse....