Monday, April 25, 2016

"B" is for Bicycle....

Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bike?  I do! Maybe not the age I was at that time.  But just the whole feeling/experience of it all.  I know it was my Mom out there for a bit trying to help me get the hang of it. And then for awhile, it was my Dad trying to help out - over and over.  He finally tired of it one evening and went back inside.  And then not long after that, my mind and my body got it all in sync and off I went.  I ran into the house screaming out that I was able to do it.  I was happy - but they were happier - I think mainly because they didn't have to keep trying to hold me up on the bike - LOL!! 

And do you remember your first bike?  This one that I learned to ride on was an old one - a hand me down from my older sister. And the color?  Can't remember the original color. But the color when I started riding it was black and pink! Why??  Because by the time my sister got done with it, it was really used up and rusty...  My Dad had some paint in the garage...  I think the black may have been in a spray can - something he used for some project or other. And the pink was wall paint that had been used on our bedroom wall at some point!!  I still love black and pink together!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Poem in the Pocket....

I love many of the poems by Edgar A. Guest.  Here is one for you to enjoy...

There was weepin' by the women that the crowd could plainly see,
An' old William's throat was chokin' an' his eyes were watery,
An' he couldn't hardly answer when the parson made him say
Who it was on that occasion was to give the girl away.

I detest tears at a weddin', an' I didn't like 'em then,
An' I couldn't see the reason for the lips that trembled when
Reverend Goodly looked about him ere he tied the knot to stay
An' said: 'Which of you assembled here now gives this girl away?'

I shall not forget old William an' the solemn look he wore,
Though he tried his best at smilin' I could tell his heart was sore;
I could see the tear drops startin' as he looked at little May,
An' I knew the wrench it caused him when he gave his girl away.

I could hear the women sobbin', an' I didn't dare to look,
I jes' kep' my face straight forward till the parson closed his book.
For the heart of me was beatin' not in sadness, but in glee;
I had reason to be happy. He was givin' her to me.                         

Monday, April 18, 2016

"A" Is For Alzeheimer's Disease....

My Mommy is the one on the right - in the leopard top. She always has loved animal prints!(the one on the left is my Aunt - my Mom's sister)...  My Mom has been dealing with the ravages of Alzeheimer's disease for the past 9 years or so.  It slowly has gotten worse as time goes by.
It has robbed her of so many things - her memories - of her previous life - of us kids - her love of reading....  My Dad (who turns 90 this year) - is still taking care of her.  I wish I lived back in Ohio so I could help him out - and of course - see my Mom more... because even if she no longer knows who I am - I still know who she is....

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This is my small "restart" on Good Vibrations (pattern free on Ravelry). This pattern uses German Short Rows which I find sooo much easier than wraps and turns.  I had a lot of this pattern done in another yarn, but just wasn't feeling it. Liking this yarn much better! 
The book is by an author I like a lot.  Only a chapter in - but so far - so good!