Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flowers and Trees and Storms - oh my!

So here I am to tell - about a good ole tree that fell. This is the tree we lost in the storm a week ago. It had been shading us for almost 25 years. I actually started to cry when they cut it down and took it away. We planted some yellow flowers around it - hoping to cheer the " forlorn trunk", and me, up a bit....

This is the little garden area we have in the corner of our backyard. That big "monster" is a plant we planted last year. My husband thought it wouldn't come back this year, but oh, it did - and even bigger than before! It has really pretty white flowers - almost like "bells". It is hiding two of the three snapdragons we planted. We also planted some white petunias. To the left - the bigger bush - is my lilac - and in the back part - in the grassy area - is a pink rosebush.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Proud and True....

I saw this sampler a couple of weeks ago at an online site. I fell in love with it and wanted it so badly! Last week I started the search for it in my local LNS's. No one had it yet! This week, I tried again and SCORE! I grabbed that sucker up as fast as my little hands could reach out for it. And it was mine - all mine -
ahhhh! The linen it is laying on is what I will be stitching it on. Starting tonight - as soon as I have my shower and settle down on the couch!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got Stash!!

As you can see, I went stash shopping yesterday! I got lots of goodies!! I've already started on the "patriotic angel" one - she will be a present for my sister. The one in the upper right corner - "Blackhorse Inn" will be for my best friend Barb who lives in Ohio. She and my niece both have horses...