Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got Stash!!

As you can see, I went stash shopping yesterday! I got lots of goodies!! I've already started on the "patriotic angel" one - she will be a present for my sister. The one in the upper right corner - "Blackhorse Inn" will be for my best friend Barb who lives in Ohio. She and my niece both have horses...


Heidi said...

Hi Linda! Has it been that long since I commented on your blog? You have become the stash queen since you started stitching again. The Little By Little chart is so wonderful. I have never seen it before. But then, that is not a surprise as I am trying not to buy any stash this year for stitching or quilting. I am not doing too badly so far either. Your sister will love the patriotic angel. Is it going to be for the 4th of July?

Hugs ~

Linda said...


I have been buy tons of stash. And I'm going out today to get more! I've only finished 4 things so far this year - all gifts. The Patriotic angel will be a Christmas gift for my sister. If I get her done in time - LOL!


Gayle said...

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