Saturday, May 31, 2008

Show and Tell....

Printing characters were stored in type cases, trays divided into many compartments to hold the different letters of the alphabet. Today they are quite popular as wall-mounted display cases to show off small collections. Here is mine. I don't really remember where I bought my case - at an antique shop somewhere around here I'm sure. It took me years to collect all the little pieces I have stored inside. My most inexpensive piece was probably a couple of dollars - the most expensive ones were $25.00 each - those being a "hot chocolate pot and cup set (it even has a dish of little caramels)", and a little porcelain doll. The two samplers displayed above the case were ones I bought in Occoquan - a quaint historic town near me. The DMC sign - not sure where I got that either, but I love it!


Joanne said...

Linda, I LOVE your collection!! I have one of these printer's trays that I bought years ago. Now I'm wondering where it is, lol. It's probably in one of the boxes in the garage that was never unpacked from our last move (uh, like 9 years ago). I also love the items on top of the cases, and also the large keys, DMC sign, samplers, etc. :)

Linda said...


In the green box next to the big keys is a partial collection of some of my smaller keys. I'm stitching CHS "K is for Keys" right now. When I finish it, I plan on hanging it nearby - well, if I can find any wall space - LOL!