Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Sunday....

Well, it if it Sunday, it must be raining. Seems like out of the past 5 weeks, we have had 4 rainy Sundays. Altho now the sun is starting to peek out at me. I hope to get out for a walk later. Right now, dinner is cooking in the oven, potatoes are boiling on the stove and soon I will sit down to a yummy meal.
The birdies are all flocking around my deck - eating sunflower seeds. The squirrels are sneaking a few (quite a bit) also.... The squirrels get on my nerves at times, but they are quite comical to watch, so I don't mind them all that much. This morning, one was doing back-flips in the back yard, throwing a stick into the air. They also love to jump back and forth through the coiled hose my husband has hanging from the tree!

Monday is coming so quickly - and that means back to work - boooooooo!!

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