Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flowers and Trees and Storms - oh my!

So here I am to tell - about a good ole tree that fell. This is the tree we lost in the storm a week ago. It had been shading us for almost 25 years. I actually started to cry when they cut it down and took it away. We planted some yellow flowers around it - hoping to cheer the " forlorn trunk", and me, up a bit....

This is the little garden area we have in the corner of our backyard. That big "monster" is a plant we planted last year. My husband thought it wouldn't come back this year, but oh, it did - and even bigger than before! It has really pretty white flowers - almost like "bells". It is hiding two of the three snapdragons we planted. We also planted some white petunias. To the left - the bigger bush - is my lilac - and in the back part - in the grassy area - is a pink rosebush.


Anonymous said...

that is a huge plant.

Bainbridge Island flowers

Les said...

It's a Hosta. Lovely in the shade if the slugs leave it alone. We have dozens (of hostas, not slugs!).

Sorry about your tree. We've had so many down in our community, too. It's been an awful year for strong winds and tornadoes.

Linda said...


It has gotten even bigger since I took the picture - lots of stems coming out with the white flowers on them. We have it in area that gets some some and some shade during the day. I don't think the slugs have bothered it so far. I hate those things!


Susan in SC said...

Such a beautiful hosta! They will come back evry year and will multiply. Sorry about the tree. We had to cut down one of my beloved oak trees because it was rotten. I cried too!

Heidi said...

I am a big tree lover and this just makes me sad to thing that you lost a tree that had been there for so long. I would cry too. Will you perhaps plant a new tree in your yard now? The area look so pretty.

Hugs ~

Linda said...


The only way we could plant a tree in the same spot is to dig out the trunk. We could try and plant one a bit back from it - altho there is an evergreen not too far from it.

So it will probably stay as is - and I'll just keep putting flowers around it.