Saturday, July 5, 2008

O H I O....

I'm slowly building a collection of samplers that have the word "Ohio" on them. Ohio is my home state, even though I've lived away from there for almost 35 years.... I'm close to finishing the one on the right - still have a ways to go on the one on the left. But they are very enjoyable to work on! These two samplers are by the designer "Stacy Nash". Love the thread color selection she chose for both of them!


Joanne said...

I love the way these are turning out. You do a great job "aging" your fabric. I've always been afraid to. I also love the candle and the holder it's in :)

Susan in SC said...

These will be so nice when you get finished! I know you miss Ohio and your family.

Heidi said...

I still have to start my first Ohio sampler. I picked which I will do first but I am being strict and cannot start until I finish Silent Sampler. I am trying to have less WIPs sitting around. Now seeing your start is really tempting me Linda. I also like the fact that we are both doing this and have the common factor that your heart always remains in Ohio even long after you leave.

Hugs ~

Linda said...


I recently ordered another "Ohio" sampler by Dames of the Needle (think that is the designer). I can't wait for it to arrive here!