Sunday, January 13, 2008

Witches - Oh My!

My former sister- in- law Barb (who is my best friend), and my niece Sara love Halloween and witches. I'm stitching these two designs for them (well, the one is finished and the other one is almost done). They will have to fight over who gets which one! The one of the solid black witch is done on 28 count linen called "Witches Brew". Don't you just love that! I may end up having to stitch both of these again - for me!


Nancy said...

Hi Linda,

Congratulations on your blog. I like the witches you are stitching, and I love your kitty(ies). We have many, many furry creatures at our house.

Hope you enjoy the world of blogging. You can make some very nice friends.


Peaceful Valley said...

Linda - I LOVE these witches! They are adorable! ~Susan in SC

Kathy said...

Linda I love your witches! You stitched the silhouette witch just like I did, outlined and filler her in. Was so much easier! Isn't she fun to work on! Great blog too!