Monday, January 14, 2008

It is Puzzling...

My husband and I started doing jigsaw puzzles a few months ago. This is the third one we've finished. They have all been 1000 pieces. I think this one is such a pretty picture - I would love to have a framed print of it on my wall! The next one we are going to start is of marbles in various colors!


Tanya said...

Oh how I love puzzles but they drive me crazy after a few pieces I can't find a place for. LOL This one you did is lovely!!!! Ben and DH do puzzles and I just admire them from afar :)


Kari said...

Beautiful puzzle, Linda. My family goes through spurts with these. My parents frequently pick up used ones from garage sales for us. One of them is of golf balls (hubby is obsessed with golf) but it hasn't been opened--too hard! LOL

I'm looking forward to having a puzzle going at all times in the cabin we will eventually build on our new lake lot.

Joanne said...

Oh Linda, I love this picture. It would be so pretty hanging here in the office/library :)

Linda said...


My husband can sit and work on them for hours. Me, I do about 10 minutes or so - walk away for awhile, then come back and do 10 minutes more, and so on. With this one, by the time we got down to the last 20 pieces (all green), I was just trying them over and over until they fit somewhere!


Linda said...


I got most of mine at the library sale. One I bought, but used coupons so it didn't cost much. They are fun for the winter months!


I would love to have this print. I'm going to check online and see if I can find it anywhere.


Peaceful Valley said...

How nice that you and your husband both like to do puzzles. I can't imagine my husband sitting down to help me do a puzzle! Susan in SC