Monday, January 7, 2008

My first entry

I'm Linda - married with no children, except one fur baby named Katie Sue Bird. I love to cross-stitch. I also knit and do punch needle. I co-moderate several yahoogroups. Looking forward to talking about my daily life and posting some photos when I can of various things!


Joanne said...

Yay, Linda! Welcome to the world of blogging :) It's going to be so much fun to keep up with you here, too!
Hugs, Joanne

Kari said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Linda! It will be wonderful to keep up with your thoughts, dreams, photos and book reviews. Have fun!


Mel said...

Hi Linda - welcome to the world of blogging! It's a lot of fun. I'll look forward to reading your posts and seeing your photos.


Les said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Linda!! I think you'll find it quite addictive and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!

Marcia said...

Welcome to the blog world, Linda! I'm going to love seeing pictures of your knitting and cross stitch projects!!