Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quaker Samplers....

I adore Quaker samplers. They touch my heart and soul , and calm me while I'm stitching them. I have 4 of them started already (this one in the picture is yet to be in my collection, but one day...). And I have several more in my "stash" to stitch in the future. And I know I will be buying many more to come. I love them!


Peaceful Valley said...

This is beautiful! I can't wait to see your finished product! Susan in SC

Heidi said...

I am working on the Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler now. Which ones are you doing? My first one was an online freebie that we did as a SAL. Diane (FTLOS) and I were the only ones who finished it and it made me decide to do BP. Only this one is huge and the freebie was much easier to stitch. I am plugging on and also want to try more. I have the Ackworth pattern book and thought it would be fun to make one up for myself using the patterns.

Hugs ~

heritagestitchery said...

I am now working on the
Beatrix Potter and will then
go on to the Companion, but
in a different color. I
just love the look of yours
and understand your sense
of calm when working it
(me too, even when I have
miscounted and must remove)