Thursday, March 6, 2008

From house to "HOUSE"

this house! Sixty miles round trip, but an enjoyable time. I played hookie from work today and drove over to Woodlawn Plantation for the yearly needlework show. They hold it there the entire month of March. It went from being a huge needlework show, for years, with lots of entries from all over the world, to "not so much"over the past 5 or 6 years. I did enjoy the samplers that were in the main room, and I saw some other things that drew my attention. But I was basically done with looking and shopping in the gift shop within 15 minutes. I spent some time talking with a lady upstairs that was doing a quilting demonstration. I wandered around the front of the house - the grounds around the entire place are so beautiful and quiet. You can almost hear the ghosts of carriage wheels creaking and ladies big dresses rustling. It overlooks Mount Vernon. When I was upstairs, I looked out the front windows and saw the top of it, and the Potomac River beyond. I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera - oh well, I'll go back another day. After leaving there, I went a block down the road and went into a needlework shop and caused my wallet some more destruction - ha! I ran into a woman I had talked to while looking at the needlework show - she had come over to the needlework shop also - and we stood there chatting for quite awhile. Then I got some french fries and coke at MacDonalds to refresh me and then took off for the drive home! All in all, a nice day off!


Joanne said...

Linda, I wish I could have gone with you. Woodlawn looks beautiful!! And, of course, I would have enjoyed the trip to the needlework shop, too.

Peaceful Valley said...

Soundslike a perfect day! Lucky you in getting to go looks at all the handicrafts! Susan in Sc

Heidi said...

What a pretty setting for a needlework show. Too bad it has grown too small but the quilt demo would be fun I am sure. At least you can still sit and soak up that atmosphere after you finished shopping.

Hugs ~