Friday, March 28, 2008

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I'll respond to your comments in a post to make it easier for you to see my answers! Thanks for looking at my blog. I mentioned it at CHL awhile back.

I would love to have a book I saw yesterday at my LNS - it is Quaker School Girl Samplers by Ackworth - but it was $65.00. I couldn't get it then, but hope to soon! I'm currently working on the Rebecca Ackworth sampler and the Quaker Christmas one by Bygone Stitches. I'm also doing one with the last name of Scholl on it. And I have several others going. I adore them! The one I started yesterday - the Ackworth one - is 34 by 29 (the fabric)! I work on 28 count. I have never ever worked on a piece this big - it is very clutzy!

The "quilt" piece on the chair is actually a pillow sham! I put it on the chair to sort of dress up an ugly office chair.

I have two Ohio samplers so far - the one I've started on - the other one I need fabric for. It is actually the one you got from the lady. Jan from Maryland got me one and sent it to me as a RAOK. Wasn't that sweet of her! She also sent me all the threads for it.

I only have the one cat right now. Plus I take care of an outside one. I've always taken care of outside cats for years. No idea who they belong to, or if they belong to anyone.... We've even taken some of them to the vet from time to time if they got in a fight or were sick in some way.


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Heidi said...

You sound like the gaurdian angel of your kitty neighborhood. :) We have also only had one for a number of years now. We tried getting two adorable new ones and I ended up being very allergic to them. They had terrible flakes of skin in their fur. Funny thing is they are the same breed as Dagi but were the dark colored fur. We have our fingers crossed that all goes well this time and we will have a puppy at the beginning of summer.

I would love to start one of my Ohio samplers but am too busy for the time being. My mother arrives on Tuesday and at the beginning of May, three ladies for FTLOS are coming over for a week.

Thanks for chatting with me like this. It was fun!

Hugs ~