Friday, March 14, 2008

Here is my latest finish. It says Salem 1692. I loved the fabric I chose - Crossed Wings linen called "Sand". I decided to coffee dye the orange lettering in order to tone the orange down a bit. However, in the process, for various reasons, (one being I'm an idiot) - I had to coffee stain the whole piece - and therefore anniliated the fabric that I liked so much! LOL! Oh well, it still looks nice and I know the recipient will enjoy it!


Peaceful Valley said...

Linda - I think the stain is fine. You do such nice work! Susan in SC

Linda said...

Thanks Susan!!


Heidi said...

I think the coffee staining looks fabulous Linda! I started staining my fabric and think it is great fun. I don't think I will pay big bucks any longer for stained fabrics since it works out great doing it myself.

Hugs ~