Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday.... I Love....

Linking up with Carole Knits http://caroleknits.net/ for Ten On Tuesday. This time it is things you love....

1.  I love... to knit!  No surprise there!  And of course, I love looking at and buying new yarn!

2.  I love...chocolate covered pretzels! I could eat them by the bagful. Oh, that's right - I do!

3.  I love...earrings.  Especially unusual ones.  I try to keep myself from buying more - but alas, I usually fail.

4.  I love...carnations. Especially pink and white ones. Even though I like roses, I would rather have carnations any day of the week! 

5.  I love...to look at kitchen gadgets whenever I go into Target or Bed Bath and Beyond!

6.  I love...going to flea markets and antique stores.  So sad that so many of the antique stores that used to be near me are now closed down!

7.  I love...primitive santas and snowmen!  I have a fun collection of them, but am always on the look-out for more!

8.  I love...candles - I could start a candle store - that is how many I have here in my house - overflowing collection kept in baskets and wooden boxes and old candy and cookie tins.

9.  I love...old quilts.  and books about old quilts. Now I don't quilt, but I stil adore looking and reading about them!

10.  I love...watching NASCAR races! And am so thrilled that the season is finally starting up again this weekend! Those months from the end of November until the middle of February seem so empty with no racin on tv!

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