Monday, February 2, 2015

My Day....

Outside my window... It is sunny and blue.  Not as cold today. The wind is really whipping around though. I see the bare branches of the trees swaying back and forth.

I am thinking...that I'm so happy that I went to the grocery store yesterday. Today, my usual shopping day, will be spent inside, reading and knitting and putzing on the computer.

In the kitchen...

Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - broccoli, swiss cheese, and ham roll-ups
Wednesday - smoked sausage and vegetables over mashed potatoes (with some type of gravy thrown in)
Thursday - grilled cheese and tomato soup (which will be fixed by my husband)!
Friday - leftovers again
Saturday - out to dinner
Sunday - not planned yet!

I am thankful...that my husband will be cooking a meal this week!

I am pants and a red and white striped shirt. Doesn't match at all, but who cares. No one is seeing it but me and my husband!

I am wondering...why the Super Bowl was in Spanish on the HD channel of NBC last night! 

I am looking forward to...going to the library tomorrow to drop off some donation books. If I go late enough, I'll be able to chat with some of my former co-workers!  It is nice to talk to actual people once in awhile - LOL!
Not that you all are not real people - I just mean out loud!

Around the house...dusting, bleck.... 

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Marcia said...

Sounds like a very good day! We're recovering from another 15" of snow yesterday. The driveway has been plowed, but I'm not going anywhere. Reading, a little knitting, a episode or two or Inspector Morse on Acorn TV, then baked macaroni & cheese for supper.