Monday, May 9, 2016

"D" Is For...

"drive" - learning to drive that is!  I didn't learn how until I was at least 19 or 20.  It wouldn't have mattered if I knew how to drive before then, because I wouldn't have had a car to drive!  My first husband taught me in his 3 speed (on the column).... To say trying to figure out how to shift and drive at the same time was a challenge for me!  But I eventually caught on and went to take my test.  I can remember doing the parallel parking part of the testing (do they still make kids do that now?) and getting into the spot. I started to correct it all and the instructor yelled out - leave it - leave it - it is fine!  And he passed me!  I know if he hadn't said that to me, I would have overcorrected - messed it all up - and flunked big time - LOL!  I can remember the joy of driving over to my parents' house - a licensed driver!
I got my own car not long after that - a 1969 Chevy Chevelle. It was gold, with black interior. I loved that car! It drove so well.  Then it got creamed by a school bus.  Totally deemed "totaled".  I cried - alot.  Then moved on and got my next car - a white Camaro (or it might have been a Firebird) - with red interior. I can never remember which - whatever I had, my sister had the other one. 
What about you? When did you learn how to drive? What was your first car?


Paula Kaye said...

I was 20 when I learned to drive. The summer before I turned 16 we were in a very bad car accident and I was not interested in taking driver's ed. But eventually I learned. My best friend taught me in her Camero. On countryroads. It gave me so much freedom finally! No, they don't make them parallel park during the test anymore. But they still learn it in driver's ed. Great post Linda!

kathy b said...

I was 16 and I failed the drivers test! I was the FIRST and only one in my family to fail! I was so humiliated. I took the big car which I never practiced with, instead of the little chevy nova. I dont recall what I did wrong, but the tester said, "Stay in the passenger seat you failed" and I was so embarassed. He was a friend of my parents.
This guy reminded me of it EVERY time I saw him at a wake or a funeral for YEARS>
I went back the next day with the NOva and passed.

Janet said...

I was a slow learner! I didn't learn to drive until freshman year of college. I had to take my driving test in downtown Washington, DC Ugh the traffic. Thanks for making me remember!