Sunday, September 27, 2015

Onward and Upward - Windward!

Windward - take two!  I started knitting this a couple of weeks or so ago.  In my excitement to see how it would all turn out, I kept messing up - dropping stitches - increasing when I shouldn't - on and on....and therefore, it was looking pretty ragged. Granted, all the "whonkies" were on the wrong side and no one would have seen them (most likely). But I would have known they were there.  So, even though I had about 120 rows done, I took a deep breath, and frogged it!  I immediately cast back on and started over. Well, first I cried a bit - then I started over - LOL!  I'm now growing ever closer to being back where I was before. But it looks so much better and I'm so much happier!  I was also able to find another skein of this yarn!  I knew I wouldn't have enough and did not know what I would do....  I checked my LYS - no luck. I checked two places online - no luck.  Then on Amazon, one seller had one lonely skein!  I clicked "buy" as fast as my fingers could hit that button!  And now I'm set!

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karen said...

I always start over when I know there is a mistake. I have a friend that never does and she is okay with that. I think when you rip out enough projects the tears lessen!! Lovely knitting!!