Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happy Knitting!

I've been so loving my knitting projects lately!!  Above you see Nangou (on Ravelry).  I've also started two others that I'm enjoying quite a bit - Orbit - and Windward (also on Ravelry - of course)!  Windward is a funky whacky looking scarf - that looks like it would be very difficult to knit (well, for me that is). But it is the simplest thing in the world to do. I love those - the ones that look hard - and everyone just raves over my talent.  But in reality, (and don't tell anyone) - they are actually quite simple.  I'm one of those people also - who wants their patterns "spelled out" - step by step - line by line.  The ones that tell you how many repeats to do to get the same basic results. Not that you can't do more repeats - and sometimes I do. But I just don't like "winging it" with a pattern.  Not my style - not my brain capabilities!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

It's wonderful when we love our knitting projects isn't it?
I am not much of a wing it kind of knitter either, I
think it's my Virgo coming out.

kathy b said...

We are so alike on this post. Let me go look up WINDWARD

autumngeisha said...

Knitting is so fun when you love the projects you are working on and everything is going right. Love the colors of your Nangou!

karen said...

you've got some lovely projects going! I have started a hat but my mind is on other possible knitting projects!! Lovely color!