Monday, June 22, 2009

New books!

I love to read books about flowers and gardens and rose rustling and plant thievery - both fiction and non-fiction - and mysteries - and so on. These are two books I bought on Saturday night. The one on the left is non-fiction. From the back cover "In this engaging book, Lucinda Fleeson tells us how she found new meaning for her life among the plants and fascinating people of the tropical paradise that is the beautiful island of Kauai. With Fleeson as our guide, we meet plant hunters and propagators trying to save engangered flora and scientists studying plant evolution. And we also meet a bunch of quirky characters". The other book (on the right) is fiction. From the back cover "A bang-up debut packed with adventure, betrayal, love, and naturally, rare plants... There is magic, romance, greenery, and greed as Lila and Armand venture through the Yucatan.

I've just started reading the first few pages - hope to get back to them tonight!


Susan in SC said...

You amaze me with your reading! Enjoy your books!

Siobhan said...

They look like good books! Enjoy!