Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little Shopping, Some Food, and Lots of Fun!

My niece, who lives in Ohio (where I'm from originally), has been coming here to Virginia (where I now live) around twice a year. Amazingly enough, the man she married, has family living here - about 20 minutes away from me. So when they come to see them, I get to see her! We always spend a day in the quaint little town of Occoquan to do some shopping. Yesterday, we did just that! We didn't even let a steady downpour of rain stop us! She got lots of nice little goodies to take back with her. I found a couple things, but kept my purchases to around $10.00. Not bad - usually I do more damage than that - LOL! We had some lunch and talked a lot about this and that. She drove back to my house with me and we spent some time trying to fix the punch needle design she has been working on. With the help of a better punch needle that I gave her and a few little updates on how to do it, it is looking much better. Around 5:30, we grabbed my husband and went off to meet up with her husband and son for a delicious dinner. Soon, we had to say good-bye - for this time. That is always the hard part. But hopefully she will get back in the fall!

Then today, it was back to work after being off for two weeks! I got my job back and that is a "good thing", as Martha would say.


Siobhan said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time! :) Somebody in your family who loves the needle arts--that must be wonderful!

Msrobin said...

You went shopping and only spent $10? Amazing! Just like the other day when I went to Lowe's and didn't bring home a single plant. Will wonders never cease?

Always smiling said...

Hi Linda,

I have blog hopped to you and have had a delighful half an hour reading your blog, how honest you are! I love the day you threw a sickie and went shopping to your favourite place, good on you.. I only ever did that once. My 20 year old son had that week been diagnosed with crohns, he was unwell and very down so I phoned my Head Teacher to say that I was staying with him in the hospital while he had some treatments and she was fowl and objected because he was 20. So instead of just staying that day, the next day I took him home and stayed home and no I didn't go shopping to my favourite place I cleaned all the windows while he slept!
I shall pop back to see some stitching, you have a wonderful stash!