Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Sort of Two Week "Vacation"....

Well, Friday was my last day at work. We had an involuntary "letting go" of all the people who shelve books at the various libraries in my county. We are all going to be able to reapply this week (well, those that want to). And hopefully, I will be one of the ones hired back! I've been working there for almost seven years (wish me luck). It feels quite odd to not be going in there this week. I keep telling myself to pretend I'm on a real "my choice" vacation and just enjoy this time. But that little voice in my mind keeps telling me - NO you FOOL, you have no job right now - LOLL!!

I had some money set aside to do various things this week and next week. Well, after two days, I've almost spent all of it - tee hee! I went to one needlework shop yesterday and got some fabric and a chart or two. Also spent a long time just looking at various threads and doing some conversions to the less expensive ones. Maybe one of these days I'll spring for some of those luscious NPS that feel like you are stitching with butter! Then today I went over to my favorite needlework shop that is closing down at the end of June. It is beyond sad. That was my favorite place to hang out and chat and look and chat some more.... She is having a good sale on everything. So I picked up a huge piece of fabric I need for Shores by CHS. It isn't the autumn gold shade which I would have liked to have gotten. But it is a nice linen and will do just fine. I figure most of the fabric will be covered with stitching anyway! And I got another tiny piece of PTP in a shade called "Chime". I'm going to use it for one of the Plum Street charts. Wish they would have had another piece, for the other one I want to do, but alas they didn't!

I will have to figure out some things to do with the rest of my time off. My husband will be off tomorrow afternoon, so we are going to have lunch after my interview. And I will stay home a few days and actually start stitching some of the things I've been buying lately!

And do some reading, get out for some walks. Just try and really enjoy this time off. Because if I do get hired back, it will be awhile before I get to take off again!!


Heidi said...

Turn the coin over to a positive as best you can and yes, enjoy some stitching time. I try to do the same for myself now as I concentrate on getting better. I just do not have the energy to go out of the house anyway. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your rehire!!!

Funny that you too have a Bertha in the family. It is not a common name. My father called my grandmother Old Bert with great affection. I loved making the little sampler for her memory. I am going to start one with my mother's name on it now too. Humm...she hates her middle name so this will be tricky...lol.

Don't you just wish we lived close and could spend an afternoon stitching and chatting!?!

Hugs ~

Susan in SC said...

(((Linda))) You are going to be alright. Just slow down and enjoy each day to the fullest. Stitch, read, go for a walk, declutter, clean, do whatever you want to do. Don't think about any job. Just enjoy your "sort of 2 week vacation!"