Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting Away with Murder

I've had an ongoing love/irritation thing going on with my squirrels for years. I enjoy watching their antics, but get a bit nutso when they eat all the seed and leave none for the birdies, or when they tear apart my feeders. And there are mornings during the wintertime when I've had 12 of them out on my deck running around like maniacs fighting each other for a bit of food! I put crackers out for them too - they grab them and run up into the tree to enjoy them. It was quite comical yesterday when I was trying to direct one who was trying to find the cracker buried in the snow. I kept yelling out - look to your right, no, to your right - no your OTHER right! He never did find it - so I threw him another one. Anyway, the squirrel in this picture is one of the baby ones that come around. He is allowed to get away with murder - I don't even yell when I find him sitting "inside" my one hanging feeder. He is much smaller than he appears here. But he has a huge appetite!!

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