Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by my friend Cindy a couple of weeks ago for this "Meme" . I have been sick with the flu, so am just now getting around to giving my answers!

Which book do you irrationally cringe away from reading, despite seeing only positive reviews? The Kite Runner!

If you could bring three characters to life for a social event (afternoon tea, a night of clubbing,perhaps a world cruise), who would they be and what would the event be?

I would bring together Ranger, Stephanie Plum, and Joe Morelli from the Evanovich books. The occasion - for me to send Stephanie off with Morelli so I could be with Ranger - LOL! I have always wanted Steph to be with Ranger over Morelli, but I'm really sorry - he is mine - mine I tell ya! So Steph - get lost!

(Borrowing shamelessly from the Thursday Next seriesby Jasper Fforde): you are told you can’t die until you read the most boring novel on the planet. While this immortality is great for awhile, eventually you realise it’s past time to die. Which book would youexpect to get you a nice grave?

War and Peace!

Come on, we’ve all been there. Which book have you pretended, or at least hinted, that you’ve read, when in fact you’ve been nowhere near it?

I have never done this.

As an addition to the last question, has there been abook that you really thought you had read, only to realise when you read a review about it/go to ‘reread’it that you haven’t? Which book?

Again, this has never happened to me. At least I don't remember it happening - no, it hasn't.... I think....

You’re interviewing for the post of Official Book Advisor to some VIP (who’s not a big reader). What’s the first book you’d recommend and why?

Wow, this is hard. It would depend, for one, on whether the VIP was a man or a woman. And it would depend on their likes and dislikes and, what makes them laugh or cry or think - well, I just would be too anal and they would get tired and go away before I found a book to suggest!

A good fairy comes and grants you one wish: you will have perfect reading comprehension in the foreign language of your choice. Which language do you go with?

Definitely French! In fact, I'm planning on taking out some audios from the library to try and learn this language!

A mischievous fairy comes and says that you must choose one book that you will reread once a year for the rest of your life (you can read other books as well). Which book would you pick?

Be Buried In the Rain by Barbara Michaels. I've reread it every year already, so this wasn't a hard choice. It has a ghost, a big scary old house, romance, and a dog named Elvis. What more could you want!

That good fairy is back for one final visit. Now,she’s granting you your dream library! Describe it.

It would be at the top of a Victorian house. It would have a big bay window with a very comfy chair to relax in while reading. There would be built in bookcases all around the room with all my old favorites on the shelves and tons of juicy new to me books also. A fireplace - a window seat - a small refrigerator stocked with my favorite munchies - a coffee making area. And tons of time to sit and enjoy the whole thing!


Mel said...

Hi Linda, I was just curious - why are you cringing away from The Kite Runner? It is one of the best books I've ever read!


Linda said...


I've actually tried to read it at least 3 times and I just don't get the hype. I've heard some other people say the same thing, so at least I'm not alone out here - LOL!