Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Knitting Quirks...

We all have them - fess up!  I may have more than many people, but I own it - LOL!

1.  I wrap all my yarn onto paper towel rolls.  Even the ones that come in balls!  Drives my sister batty...

2.  Another thing that drives my sister batty is the fact that I write down every pattern I do onto index cards - every single row - even if there are over 400 of them - like with one of the patterns I'm doing now. But it works for me and saves me during all of those times I get interrupted while knitting.

3.  I dislike double pointed needles. I've tried them over and over - I've watched videos - and on and on. But these needles and me - we are over!

4.  I buy way too many patterns on Ravelry and then end up not doing way too many of them.  Sometimes it is because the pattern turns out to be too difficult for me - or just more "fiddly" than I want to deal with. I always say I'll get around to doing them at one point - but I probably won't!  But I tell myself - hey the pattern wasn't even the cost of a Starbucks.... and then I can forgive myself...
Because I still have the pattern - but the Starbucks is a goner into my tummy - LOL!

5.  I prefer the patterns I knit to be spelled out on how many rows, inches, and so on that you are supposed to do to get it to look like the designer. Then if I want to do more rows to make it larger or longer, etc., I can. I dislike when they say - knit until your yarn is gone.    At least give me the length and depth of your finished object!

6.  When I come home from the yarn shop - I like to pick out each pattern I'm going to use with each yarn and then wind the yarn and put everything into a little shopping bag, along with the needles I will be using. After that is done, I actually start each project - just a row or two - and then set it aside to get back to later.  Sometimes (well, many times) the yarn doesn't want to be what I chose for it! So I listen to the yarn and pick another pattern (or 2 or 10) - to try out.  Until it speaks to me and says - yes, this is the one!

I know I have other quirks, but this is enough sharing for now - ha!


Paula Kaye said...

I like that: "I listen to the yarn."

Bridget said...

Hmmm. I have to think about this one a bit.

I do prefer written patterns to charts.
I do actually like knitting with dpns.
I hate doing swatches. Maybe that is why I make so many small things where it's not as critical ... :-)