Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear Friday....

Dear self....try and make sure you really want to use the yarn you bought BEFORE you wind it.  Because after that, you are keeping it whether you want it or not!

Dear people on the doesn't do me a whole lot of good (when driving behind you) if  you don't put on your turn signals until AFTER you are almost into your turn....

Dear mailman....when the little red flag is up on my mailbox, you are supposed to PICK up what I have inside to mail - whether I'm getting mail or not - grrrrrr!!

Dear Mother was so nice to get out for my walk in the 70 degree weather this week.  And thank you for the rain you brought last night. I think we needed it!

Dear deer that come visit my yard each night...I get such a kick out of seeing you out by my deck - sticking your heads through the railings to lick up the leftover seed that is laying on it.  I sure hope you are enjoying the chopped up apple I'm putting out for you each night - and hope that you are sharing it amongst you!

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Paula Kaye said...

Sounds like Mother Nature was good to you this week. And I love the deer coming into my yard too. I never see them but I know they were there Good letters this week!