Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Things We Collect - aka Ten on Tuesday....

I've collected many things over the years - some collections became larger than others.  My top ten things I collected (and some I still do collect) - in no particular order -  are:

1.  Angels
2.  Primitive Snowmen
3.  Primitive Santas
4.  Silver baby cups - many with the names and dates engraved on them
5.  Coffee mugs
6.  Umbrellas
7.  Raggedy Ann - no Andy though
8.  Beanie Babies
9.  Teddy Bears
10. Oil lanterns - especially love to find the smaller ones.... (the ones in my collection are mainly antiques)....

The most recent item added to my collection was a silver baby cup with a name on it.  I haven't found one of these in a long time - mainly due to the fact that all the antique places I used to go to - have closed down....

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Suzi Barnes said...

My Aunt had a Teddy Bear collection. Was a lot of fun to look at them all.