Monday, April 28, 2014

Four on Me....

Spent part of Sunday and today reading two books that have me "caught up" in the story!  Quirky characters, lots of descriptions - ahhh my favorite things in a book... They are "Visual City" and "That Part Was True"....

I made the decision that I'm tired of not knitting something because I don't know how to purl front and back! So today, I taught myself and I've started a pattern (free on Ravelry) called Corrugated Baktus. I must be doing the stitch right, because it looks the way it is supposed to - so far anyway! Oh, and another thing that was keeping me from knitting some shawl patterns - the ones that have the "garter tabs" as the first part. I could not get that into my brain. The guy that works at my LYS showed me, but I still could not get it... but I practiced and eventually my hands did what they were supposed to!

I sunk into the "black hole" of Ravelry yesterday!  You, who go on there, know what I'm talkin about!

Closed my eyes, and got on the scales this morning.  I'm maintaining the same weight that I got down to when I was sick last summer (lost 20 pounds).  I was hoping I had lost some more - but just seeing I hadn't gained was enough of a boost!  I am shooting, however, to lose another five pounds by the end of September. No reason for that timeframe - just what I picked in my mind today....  But if at the end of September, I'm still the same weight I am now - that is good too. I just don't want to gain the weight back that I lost!

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