Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I Like About Winter (Ten on Tuesdays....)

The Ten on Tuesdays challenge for this week is to list ten things you like about winter.... So - here goes!

1.  I'm not hot (hate being hot)!

2. No humidity (hate humidity)!

3.  After being out in the cold for awhile - a hot shower feels even better than usual.

4.  Snuggling under an afghan on the couch and reading.

5.  Snuggling under an afghan on the couch and taking a nap.

6.  My sister is home more often in the winter - so I get to talk to her more on the phone (she is in Ohio - I'm in Virginia)....

7.  Getting to wear the scarves I've hand-knitted.

8.  Getting to see more of my indoor/outdoor cat.  He stays in more when it is cold.

9.  I love trees - especially in the winter when they are bare of leaves and you can see their branches....

10.  I like staying inside - and winter gives me "permission" to do so....


Susan in SC said...

Great list!

Angelia said...

Yes! To the "permission" to stay inside!

(& I totally agree with you on heat & humidity)