Monday, January 20, 2014

Ten On Tuesdays....

I'm doing this a bit early - on Monday.....
Listing my ten favorite breakfast items....

Well, since I normally eat nilla wafers and milk for breakfast, can I just list that 10 times - LOL!  Well, here goes (and these are in no particular order as of preference....)

1.  Nilla Wafers and a cold glass of milk
2.  Pancakes
3.  Waffles
4.  Chocolate donuts with milk
5.  Toast with apricot jam
6.  Scrambled eggs with tons of cheese and salsa
7.  Cold pizza
8.  Chocolate breakfast crunchy granola bars and milk of course
9.   French toast
10.  Cinnamon and  raisin bagles


Susan in SC said...

I'm coming to eat breakfast with you!!!

Linda said...

I would love that Susan!