Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry I've been missing in action lately!  For the past month, I've gone through some health issues. Nothing serious....  But I haven't felt much like doing anything.... I'm just getting back into knitting and reading again!  Which feels good.  I get worn out very quickly. I've lost weight - which is a good thing! But I would have rather done it in a more pleasant way - ha!

Along with tons of scarves, I've started 4 shawls.... and I'm doing some scarf/shawlette type of items... including the Chinook scarf.  I had started the Pimpeliese (sp?) but it was getting annoying to me for some reason - LOL!  So I've set that aside. Oh, and I started the Wingspan.  It is made up of 8 triangles - and is quite easy to knit - even though at first, it seemed a bit confusing.  But after reading some explanations of how to do it, I realized how simple it really is!! 

So I've been having a lot of fun with my knitting (before getting sick)... and now after going almost 4 weeks without any knitting at all - I'm slowly getting back to that feeling of enjoyment again!!

Hope you all are doing well. I'll get some pictures up soon!


Lorita said...

I wondered what happened to you as you just seemed to disappear. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well, and pray things are going much better now. Would love to see your new needlework projects soon.

Susan in SC said...

Hope you will feel better soon and can hear the clicking of knitting needles! I don't craft when I am sick either. Big hugs to you!

Margaret said...

Sorry you've been sick -- hope you are better soon. Hooray for knitting! I keep thinking about knitting again, but it keeps not happening. lol!

Jamie said...

Linda: came upon you through 4MA. We have a little bit in common, I retired almost two years ago, love to knit, read, and I was a huge cross stitcher until my eyes just would not let me do it any longer. I love to knit shawls, have a prayer shawl on the needles now, knit hats and scarves for charity, and my current passion is socks. As well as avidly reading every day. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, but glad you are on the mend. Enjoy your blog and seeing you projects. Be well.
Upstate NY

Linda said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I ended up going to urgent care at 2 this morning. I was in so much pain!!!! He gave me some Percocet and put me on an Advil regimen for awhile. He said I had pulled my trapezoid muscles in my back (or something like that) - on the stretching machine at the chiropractor. He said he has been through this pain before and he knows how excruciating it is. That made me feel better - that I wasn't crazy! ha! Jamie - Glad you found me! I stopped cross-stitching for about 3 years. Then I went to my regular eye doctor and had her give me a prescription for super strength glasses that I am only to use when I stitch. They've helped a lot!!


Susan in SC said...

Oh my goodness! I looked at the Wingspand and the chinook scarf. They both are beautiful butt he wingspand seems to be complicated to me. One would have to feel good to knit it! Can't wait to see pictures of your projects!