Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes - oh my!

Tuesday, I was at the library with my husband. He came with me to do my volunteer hours. Before I started that, I went to the biography section to get a book I wanted and all of a sudden, there was a low rumbling coming from the roof area. I thought it was a low flying plane. Then it got louder and people started jumping up to leave. Then the metal shelves started rattling. I was looking around and asking my husband - what is it! what is it!! Someone standing there (before he ran out) said earthquake! Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that was what it was. I thought it was a plane coming to crash into the building. Luckily we were all okay, altho there was damage to many buildings around our area and of course, at the epicenter, which is about 70 miles from us I think.

Then tons of rain and wind yesterday with Hurricane Irene blowing her way through. We were very fortunate to just get some milder aspects of it around us - not sure how other cities in our area faired. We lost power for about 3 hours. Today the sun is shining, the sky is blue - the wind is gently blowing - it is gorgeous out there - cooler, the way I like it. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of those who lost property and who are, I'm sure, still without power. I am also keeping in my prayers, the families, who lost loved ones during the storm.....

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