Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh What Fun!

I went to my local LNS (Scarlet Thread) on Saturday and bought a bunch of goodies - and paid. And was ready to leave.... But I kept looking at a piece of linen the shop owner had on the table. She was stitching a design on it, using some beautiful threads. I found out the fabric was Lakeside Linens "Vintage Tarnished Silver". It has a lavender tint and a silvery tint - and is beyond pretty! The threads were Carries Creations new silk line. So I started on the search through the shop to find something I could stitch on this linen, with the same color threads Sara Leigh was using. I found this alphabet chart with my "L" initial - got my cut of fabric, got my silk threads in the shade called "Ephiphany" - paid - again - and was on my way. I've already started a little bit of the design and am "hooked"!

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Nancy said...

I like these alphabet designs too and you have picked a very pretty linen and threads!