Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crying Uncle!

Well I call Uncle to two things today - one - the squirrels - they keep chewing my one feeder and then all the seed comes out - I tape it and tape it - and they chew through it..... Arghhh!!! I have taped it again and wrapped a wire hanger around it, but I think they will find a way through that also! So, let them and the birds fight it out for the seed in there! There are other feeders the birds will have to eat from instead! Altho they love this one feeder the most!

And I am crying Uncle on Quaker Christmas by Bygone Stitches. I really love the design - think it is beautiful - but every time I picked it up to stitch on it, it seemed like a chore - and then I would put it down for a day or so, and then be filled with dread about picking it up again! So I know it just isn't something I want to stitch! So I'm moving on to other things that I truly enjoy working on!


Joanne said...

I always have a soft spot in my heart for squirrels. They certainly are persistent, aren't they?? Hehehe. Did you get enough done on Quaker Christmas to frame just a small part of it, or maybe make it into a little pillow ornament??
Hugs, Joanne

Marcia said...

The squirrels certainly are persistent, aren't they? I remember my Father's battles to keep them away from the bird feeders. He would take them away in have a heart traps and let them out miles from our house. We swear they aways managed to find their way back, and we had these mind pictures of squirrels thumbing a ride, holding up a "Murphys or Bust" sign!!

Linda said...


I used to only have 3 or 4 coming around. Now, some days, I have 10 of them out there!! I have managed to keep them mostly out of the feeders. I still put seed out for them where they can get it and bread and crackers. I'm such a sucker!