Sunday, August 9, 2015

On the Needles...

One of the things I'm knitting is this cute little top down baby sweater!  Not doing it for any reason - no one to give it to that is. But I will most likely donate it somewhere.  My sister told me about the pattern (free on Ravelry) - called Lazy Daisy All in one top down sweater) or something like that!
It goes from preemie size up to 6 years old.  You just have to click on the pattern and then go to the various links. There is no taking stitches off and putting them on holders - nothing like that. Just knitting from the top down - with some binding off on one row! That is it! Easy Peasy!  I may make some othe other sizes eventually.

The book is one I'm re-reading for probably the third time. I just need "comfort reads" right now - so re-reads work best for that!

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kathy b said...

awww That's going to be an awesome baby sweater. LOVE that pattern