Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colors Shining Through....

When I was growing up, my Mother used to call me a "little brown person"... Why? Because all I wanted to wear was brown clothes. I think I just didn't want anyone to notice me - didn't want to stand out.  As I grew up and older, I ventured into more colorful clothing. At one point, about the only colors in my closet were purple!  When I started stitching, I gravitated to the darker colors still.  I was really into primitive samplers. Then I found reproduction samplers and they became my new love.  I still stitch primitive ones, but mainly feel the pull towards the repro. I branch out now and then into samplers that are more modern.  But I still feel more at peace with the reproduction ones.  However, these days, I'm into ones that are much brighter! Ones that really pop out at you - ones that make you smile when you think about the little girl sitting there stitching them... picking out colors that are the brightest ones in the crayon box!  Several of the samplers I'm stitching now have bright pinks and peaches and reds and greens and blues in them - even pops of purple. What fun I'm having!! How about you? What colors do you feel yourself pulled towards?

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