Sunday, April 8, 2012

Curly Whirlies....

I was hit by the bug to knit these scarves! I have about four on the needles, but these are the ones that are furthest along. Well, I had one other one, but there was a tragic accident - not really - the yarn just broke - so I started it over! And there isn't enough to even whet your appetite on that one!


Susan in SC said...

I really like these Linda. Have you finished them yet?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing the Curly Whirly scarf. I googled it and found the pattern. I am looking forward to knitting it. I found your blog through the Counted Cross Stitch yahoogroup. Thanks, Margaret, Australia

Birgit said...


Did you use any particular pattern? The scarf looks great! :)

Oh, and thanks for leaving that sweet comment about "my" Book Bus.

Greetings from Germany,