Friday, April 15, 2011

Sara... It is Done!

Hey Sara, if you are reading my blog, your stitchery piece is done!

For my other blog readers, Sara is my niece. Last year, my friend in Texas started a cross-stitch designing business called "Of Generations Past". I've been helping her stitch some models over that timeframe. She sends me the chart in pdf format and I stitch it here and mail it back to her! I really enjoy being part of the process. I get paid in Starbucks cards - which I love!! Well, many many years ago, I wrote a Halloween poem. And my friend turned it into a cross-stitch design! I stitched the model.... She sent it off to Hoffman Distributors and they agreed to sell it to shops who might want to carry it! I was so thrilled when the first copy sold. And then was even more thrilled when more of them sold! I was so touched that people wanted to spend money on a poem I wrote. I feel like a published author - LOL! I give much much credit to the fun colors my friend chose for the wording. I framed the model and have it here on my wall. My niece Sara loved it too. So I've stitched it for her and will mail it off soon!


Susan in SC said...

I love this! I really need to order this from Joanne and start stitching. You did such a wonderful job on this poem!

Siobhan said...

How neat!! Congratulations!

mdgtjulie said...

Hi Linda. I'm new to your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Julie, and I found your blog through Nancy M. Congrats on being published. The poem is really cute. I can't model stitch. I'm so bad about working on a deadline. I just work on whatever happens to be screaming the loudest!!!