Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let It Snow.....Let It Snow.... ok, stop snowing now!

This is a picture I took out my upstairs window yesterday. We were only due to get 1/2 inch to an inch - on grassy areas. Well, can you say WRONG! LOL! It started sleeting at 8:30 in the morning, then quickly turned to a heavy snow - which continued all day and into the evening (adding up to about five inches - including on the roads)! And of course, Murphy's Law - my husband's company Christmas party was last night. They have it each year at the Dulles Air and Space Museum. It is a really nice party - lots of food, free drinks, desserts of all types, coffee, tea, a band, and tons of people! At 5:30 or so, we were still thinking of going. But then we looked out and just decided we really did not feel up to getting dressed up and slogging through the slush and snow and icy roads. So instead, we jumped into our jeans (me, still being in my nightshirt and robe) and drove five minutes to our shopping area in our subdivision - picked up a movie at the Redbox in our grocery store. We then debated over the six eating places that are right there, and decided on a chinese meal. It was yummy! We then drove the five minutes back home, and I jumped right back into my jammies and settled down for a warm, cozy evening at home!

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Silver Circle Magick said...

That sounds like a perfect evening. I look forward to those kinds of nights. I love being cozy. The snow looks beautiful!