Monday, July 13, 2009

This and That....

I've been wanting to do some of "the girls" by Carriage House Samplings. Suzannah is one of my favorites as I love alphabets done in unusual ways - hence, this one done on her apron caught my heart. I've started her three times, trying to find the right linen shade. I really wanted to do it on the Lakeside Autumn Gold as chosen by the designer. However, getting 28 count in this fabric is hard. So I bought 32 count - and almost went blind trying to stitch on it - LOL! With the darkness of the color and the tiny holes - well, let us just say - forgetaboutit! I went out looking again on Saturday and found this Weeks Dye linen in Cappachino. I thought the color was close enough! And I can see the holes - tee hee! I'm even biting the bullet and putting out the money for the NPS threads. Oh what a total delightful sensation to stitch with these threads!
These cabinets are what I use to put all my DMC threads in. I find it convenient to just put them in these little drawers and number a label on the outside. However, as more and more DMC colors have come out, I've had to more colors in one drawer - sometines two, sometimes three! This often involves renumbering alot of drawers. But it still works for me. I'm also amassing a large collection of specialty threads by NPS, Weeks Dye, Crescent Colors, and Gentle Art. I've put them in large baggies with their name written on the outside. I store them in a lovely - and big - box I found at Michaels. Note - my husband really dislikes me having these thread cabinets on the hearth. But he has learned to deal with it - or at least keep his mouth shut - LOL!
I'm not sure where I found this DMC sign. I've had it for years and years and really treasure it.


Susan in SC said...

My goodness, look at all those thread cabinets! How lucky you are to have such good storage. All my thread is crammed into a small plastic storage box. I know that is probably one reason I do not cross-stitch any more than I do. I can't wait to see your finished project!

Siobhan said...

Great start on the CHS Girl! I need to get mine out and get it finished. I really wanted to have it done this year, but oh well... there's always next year! Loved seeing your storage methods!