Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weellll, I Tried....

I'm trying to branch out and do a few different things in my cross-stitching. After making my biscornu, I decided to try a pinkeep drum. The cross-stitching went just fine - LOL! It was the sewing up part that gave me fits. After stitching this up, and then taking it apart and trying it again, this was my finished product! I apologize to the designer, Stacy Nash, for my bungling it so badly! I was almost too embarassed to even put it on my blog! I have little hand sewing skills. I hope to get better. I'm starting another biscornu tonight. As for one day trying another pinkeep drum - well, let me say - I don't think so - ha!


Heidi said...

Oh Linda, I am so sorry you had such a hard time with this finishing. Funny that it did not work as many people complain they cannot put biscornus together. Could you try sewing in a different way other than the instructions as this is too pretty not to use.

Hugs ~

Linda said...


Thanks for looking! I was actually thinking of a better way to put it together - if I ever do another one - ha! As for this one, it will be put in my bedroom, where only "I" can look at it! Tee hee!